internet users always care about the privacy of their data when they browse websites and deal with brands. At the time when online hacking attempts are quite rampant, internet users read the privacy policy of the website first before using it. Just have a look at our privacy policy mentioned here. It will let you know the ways and measures taken by us to ensure the privacy and protection of your data while using this site:

SSL certificate

All users must keep in mind that we have attached the SSL certificate to this website. Show all transactions and data transfer on this website is safe.

Your responsibility as a credit borrower

The security your data is directly related to the fact that how careful you are while growing this website. Register on this website carefully and never share your details with anyone as it would compromise the security of your details. Keep changing your login details from time to time to increase the security of your account and protect your data from falling into the wrong hands.

The collection of personalized and non-personalized information

When you browse this website, we collect personalised and non-personalised information to process your request for the loan, communicate with you, track your history with us and introduce new loan products to you. All the collected information is stored on our site' server and is fully safe.

The use and sharing of collected data

The collected data is used to process your request for the loan. We never share your data with unauthorised third parties for our benefits. However, we have no option but to share your details with the law enforcement agencies of the UK in case you are wanted by them in case of financial fraudulent activities.


We keep modifying our privacy policy from time-to-time. So, it's your responsibility to visit our website regularly, read the updated privacy policy and use the site accordingly.

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