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We focus on providing the needy credit borrowers in the UK with high-quality loan matching service. So far, we have helped many individuals to get funds from authorised credit lenders in the UK. we get several questions from credit borrowers on a daily basis. That is why we have listed some questions here. For more questions and concerns, write to us at any time.

Do you play any role in loan approval?

No, not at all. We are just a credit referral agency. So, we just process your application & send it to the lender. The approval or denial of your application is not in our hands. Generally, credit lenders approve applications if it carries true information. On the other hand, applications carrying inaccurate or misleading information are rejected by credit lenders.

For which loan products I can generate my request?

We process your application for £1000 Text Loans, Mini Text Loans, Weekend Payday Loans, Text Loans and Bad Credit Loans.

I am a bad credit borrower and have been rejected by banks? Can I Apply for the loan products advertised by you?

Yes, you can apply for the loan provided that you meet the terms and conditions put forward by credit lender. All depends on your current income status and your ability to pay off the borrowed loan amount.

How many loans I can apply for one time?

You can apply for different loan products at one time as per your needs. But, we recommend you to avail one loan product one time as it would make it easier for you to remove the financial problem and lead a happy life.

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